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Lille, France

A real booster for student rentals  seasonal rentals AirBnB concierge services real estate agencies insurance hotels restaurants shops showrooms shopping centers kitchen designers museums campsites offices photo and film scouting architects video game designers

Student or seasonal rentals, hotels, restaurants, AirBnB concierge services, showrooms, shopping centres, kitchen designers, museums, campsites, professional real estate, photo and cinema scouting, architects, building professionals, video game designers, etc. 

Increase your reservations, save time, boost your sales, improve your image with 3D virtual tours. 

  • Gain impact and seriousness with your visitors, customers, prospects
  • Save time by exempting you from the "first visit" of the curious
  • Offer a remote visit, without intermediary
  • Fluid, responsive, very high image quality
  • Compatible VR (Oculus Quest, ETC)
  • Integration in your site, or on the platforms (leboncoin, Airbnb, booking, Google my business, ETC) and the social networks
  • Optional: 3D files, point cloud (BIM, E57), schematic plans, integration Google street view
  • Powered by Matterporyou, world leader in all-in-one 3D tours

Discover all the advantages of the Matterport solution® for :

2 keywords to understand
what the virtual visit can bring you:

For agents, owners, renters, events:


Indeed, the virtual visit saves you a waste of time exempting you from visit the same property over and over again, whether in the case of the simply curious, or a property for short-term rental (AirBnB type seasonal rental, student rentals, etc.)

For your customers:


The virtual tour reassures and allows your remote clients
unable to move, to visit before renting or buying
and of project yourself to 100% in the place

Real estate agencies using virtual tours
win more mandates
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People are more likely
to call for goods
with a 3D virtual tour
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increase in vacation rental bookings
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Some Accomplishments:

Schematic 2D side plan made from the virtual visit:

Student residence Coliveos, Roubaix, 11 apartments + a common area:

Some examples of Matterport virtual tours around the world:


With Mattertags product links 









virtual furniture



Package < 500m2

Apartments, houses,
shops, offices
149 tax included
  • + €1/m2

  • Full 3D capture
  • Up to 10 Mattertags
    (points of interest, with photos or link)
  • 360° shots
    (for exteriors)
  • 2D schematic plan with dimensions and area
  • Travel Included
    in the Lille metropolitan area
    (On estimate beyond)
  • Link for your sites and social networks,
    + Google My Business
    free for 6 months

    Then €1/m2/year

To create a Web site

Virtual showroom
Online Store
599 tax included
  • Maintenance, domain name,
    accommodation, offered for 1 year,
    then 49€/year
  • Online virtual tours
  • Optional: calendar management
    synchronized (with Airbnb, booking, etc…)
    direct reservations…
  • Optional: Logo creation,
    brochure, communication…

Beyond 500m2, or for any special request, Contact us for a personalized quote...

Services included in the package:

Some testimonials


Everything will depend on the surface to be scanned, in general, we carry out a scan for 4 to 5 m2 for your property. We do not limit the number of shots, we will take as many as necessary to be as accurate as possible in rendering your real estate virtual tour.

In addition, we suggest that you take "classic" photos to integrate into your virtual tour. (ex: open/closed sofa bed) 

When subscription is coming to an end soon, we will contact you to renew it (6 month or 1 year renewal). If you do not wish to renew it, we do not immediately delete your virtual tour, but we archive it. This will no longer be available online (on your site or on promotional sites) but if you wish to reactivate your subscription later, we will be able to deliver your virtual tour very quickly!

In the Lille metropolitan area, travel costs are included in the package. Beyond that, a mileage and possibly accommodation package will be applied. 

Yes ! In order to obtain the most qualitative and long-lasting virtual visit possible, it is necessary that your space be as clean and tidy as possible, before our shooting appointment! A neat decoration will also be a real plus! We can accompany you on an additional "home-staging" service with professional decorators, in order to bring a little touch of seduction. 

Once there, we take the time to thoroughly inspect the place… indeed, for a smooth result, nothing must move! We check the storage, the decor, but especially the doors and the lights. Then we make about 1 scan for 4 m2. 

A 100 m2 apartment takes about 1h30.

The options

2D plan and measurements

To sell real estate, is very important for the customer who buys to have the most elements at his disposal. A 2D floor plan is a very important element for the buyer, it allows him to visualize the house and see if it works or not. All the virtual tour design companies do not offer this option. If you wish to have the floor plans, it is better to ask for it before choosing your Scan operator. We can provide you with 2D plans floor space for each virtual tour performed.

Virtual furnishing

the home staging virtual allows computer-generated furniture to be placed within an image to create the visual effect of a beautifully appointed space.

This advanced technology offered by a specialist in augmented reality and home staging virtual, has the particularity of being able to integrate into a totally immersive 3D experience within 96 hours. It is faster and more economical than the traditional physical valuation of properties and will therefore appeal to agents and developers wishing to market unfurnished or vacant housing and commercial spaces. For users in the residential market, this will allow owners to sell their unfurnished homes faster and at a better price, while potential buyers will be able to visualize the full potential of an unfurnished home.

Decoration and home staging

Your virtual tour is bound to stay online for a while! In order for it to be as attractive as possible, we advise you to tidy up and decorate your accommodation or premises as best as possible. 

If you do not want to do it yourself, we offer you a decoration service with real passionate professional decorators. 

BIM and E57 files

Architects and building professionals.
  • Architecture includes walls, floors, doors, columns, ceilings, windows, sanitary facilities, stairs and visible roofs.
  • Furniture includes desks, tables, cabinets, shelves, chairs, seats, visible appliances and some wall sconces.
  • MEP elements include HVAC ducts, sanitary elements, pipes, outlets and other conduits.
  • If your space is one of the following types, you must select the option MEP structures and complex industrial spaces :
    • Engine room (boiler, chiller, plant)
    • Electrical room (rooms containing the main equipment, distribution rooms and local/branch equipment rooms, computer rooms)
    • Fulfillment Centers
    • Production sites
    • Warehouses (with heavy machinery)
    • Data centers

The advantages of the virtual tour

Virtual tours are a marketing advantage and an asset for sales

The virtual visit in real estate is a real asset for the sale. It makes it possible to stand out from other real estate agencies, but also gives another aspect to the property. The impact of a 3D image is much greater than a simple photo on the real estate agency's website. The fact of being able to move, “walk around” virtually is a real advantage for projecting oneself and realizing the layout and the available space. 

Thus, the real estate agent can present different possible arrangements in the property. But also make a projection on the work that can be done with, for example, the addition or removal of partitions, or the addition or modification of the position of furniture.

The virtual tour saves time and energy

The real estate virtual tour represents a real time saver for future buyers. On average, a future buyer visits between 5 to 7 homes before finding the rare pearl. Nevertheless, visits are not easy to organize, for many reasons: work, proximity to the property, availability of the seller and the buyer, etc. 

With an increasingly tense real estate market, the real estate virtual tour allows the real estate agent to offer an additional service to its customers!

A simple virtual visit can allow you to visit accommodations at the other end of France, just as it saves you the pressure as to the time emitted by the seller or the real estate agent during a real visit. With the virtual visit, you will be able to consult the images of the accommodation that interests you as many times as you wish, and even stay there for hours. Finally, the virtual visit is also a time saver for real estate agents, insofar as it makes it possible to make an initial selection of potential buyers and to avoid wasting time and energy with people who visit only out of curiosity. .

To optimize the chances of selling a home, it is important that it be arranged in such a way as to help future buyers to project themselves. However, it is never easy to keep it in the same condition as in the photos of the real estate agency. In the event that it would be too difficult to keep their property identical to the photos, some people are forced to leave the accommodation during the visits. With the virtual visit, there will certainly be fewer physical visits, but will probably have a better chance of resulting in a purchase offer, because future buyers already have a very precise idea of what they are going to visit.


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sur chaque vente

…en réduisant vos visites inutiles de 80%

Chaque vente vous demande au moins une dizaine de visites
beaucoup de temps - et de frais- dépensé !

Exemple pour une maison de 100 m2

Avec un négociateur :
10 visites = 10 à 20 h de perdues = 1000 €

Avec une visite virtuelle 3DhomeView powered by Matterport :
Captation 1/2 journée = 149 € + 1€/m2 = 249 € pour 6 mois
seulement 2 visites = 200 € | Coût total = 449 €

Gain = 551 €